Lent at CTS (2018)

Lenten Journey to the Easter Vigil

This Lent, each of the Wednesday Evening Prayer services will focus on one of the special readings for the Great Vigil of Easter.  The Vigil of Easter is the culmination of the entire church year.  After a dramatic opening procession, that begins outdoors with a bonfire, the bulk of the Easter Vigil service involves the reading of twelve rich and powerful Old Testament Lessons.  At the Vigil we read these lessons in candlelight, preparing, waiting and keeping vigil for the good news of Jesus’ resurrection.  Each of the lessons develops and expands the Vigil’s larger themes of descriptions of the nature of God, metaphors of resurrection, and references to baptism.  There are twelve readings assigned for the Vigil, but not twelve Wednesdays in Lent, so we will focus on the following essential Vigil readings.  Although there have traditionally been twelve readings (and at CTS the practice has been to read all twelve) many reduce that number.  Liturgical rubrics insist that the following four readings are always read at the Vigil. 

  • Genesis 1:1-2:4 – Creation
  • Exodus 14:10-31, 15:20-21 – Deliverance at the Red Sea
  • Isaiah 55:1-11 – Salvation freely offered to all
  • Daniel 3:1-29 – Deliverance from the fiery furnace

Because there is one more week in Lent than the required four readings, We’ve chosen to add one of the less familiar readings, Baruch 9:9-15, 32-4:4, to this list of those we’ll contemplate on Wednesday evenings this Lent.  At the Vigil service, there is not time to do more than read through these stories and respond with the words of the Psalms.  This Wednesday evening series will give us a chance to explore, discuss and learn more about these important and fascinating lessons. The hope is that these homilies might also spark in you a desire to hear these texts in the context of the Vigil and that you will join us for this powerful and beautiful service.

We hope that you will join us each Wednesday between Ash Wednesday, February 14 and Holy Week, which begins on Palm Sunday, March 25.

Wednesday Evenings in Lent

We gather at 6:30 pm to share in a simple soup supper and fellowship. All are Welcome! At 7:30 pm we join in a service of Evening Prayer (Vespers).

Lenten Offerings

Designated Lenten offerings will be distributed to Gaithersburg HELP and the Metro DC Synod’s Building Puentes program.

Lenten Devotional Resources

In addition to the Wednesday evening services, there will also be opportunities to reflect and share with one another our thoughts and impressions on Christ the Servant’s Facebook page.

A number of devotional resources for Lent have been collected at the CTS Pinterest site (click below). A printed copy of resources is also available on the bulletin board in the hallway at CTS.

Visit CTS’s profile on Pinterest.