Follow the CTS Youth as we experience MYLE and the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering!

MYLE logoJuly 12 -15: We are very excited to be able to start our week in Detroit by participating in MYLEthe Multicultural Youth Leadership Event. MYLE is a pre-event to the Gathering, specifically for high school youth and adults from communities of color and/or communities whose primary language is that other than English.

Love Does, the theme for the 2015 MYLE, is based on Mark 12:30-31. In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus shows us through his life that love is an active force. “People baptized, Spirit driving, demons cast out, sins forgiven, outcasts welcomed, disciples called. Healing, preaching, feeding, always feeding — all are the beginning of the Good News and in the end examples of a love that claims, celebrates, calls and ultimately rises.”


July 15-19: The theme for the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering is Rise Up Together and uses the entire Gospel of Mark as source material. We will learn that as individuals, as communities, as a collective humanity, we are called and claimed as characters in and witnesses to God’s divine story, a story that always moves through the cross to the resurrection. We will be touched by God’s story unfolding in Detroit. We will return home more aware of their place in God’s story, a story enhanced by the stories of others, especially those who are different from them. Ultimately, we will be encouraged to see ourselves as essential witnesses to God’s story in the world as we learn to proclaim the beginning of the good news in and through our lives of discipleship, marked by our baptismal promises.

In the three main days of the Gathering, we will Proclaim Justice (a day of service in the Detroit metropolitan area), Proclaim Story (a day of exploratory learning with other groups from our synod), and Proclaim Community (a day of interactive learning).